Rattlesnake Gulch, Eldorado Canyon

Remember what it was like to be a child?  To play just because?  To laugh, be inspired, and be curious about the world around us?  We don’t need much to be entertained.  All we really need is the acceptance of ourselves and the relationships with those we love.

Today on this hike, breathing in the fresh mountain air, listening to the rustle of the leaves, I felt so fortunate to be in nature with my daughter Blakely.  Today we laughed and lived life care free.  No drama, no worries.  Just love!

It gets heavy carrying Blakely up the mountain, and like any toddler, she gets antsy and wants to move around and play.  It’s very difficult being carried in the hiking backpack under a shade canopy apparently.  😉

So when we finally got to the lookout point for the Continental Divide, we did just that.  The view of the Continental Divide is gorgeous, but that’s not what kept my attention.  Children are so easily entertained.  As I watched Blakely playing in the dirt, banging sticks together, giggling and smiling; it was obvious to me that this is how life is meant to be lived.  To live in the moment, grateful for whatever we have.  If you have nothing to your name besides 2 sticks, bang those sticks together with as much enthusiasm as a kiddo in a candy shop.  Be grateful for what you have, no matter how much or little it may seem to be.  It’s what you have and it’s all you need.  Today is the perfect day to use your imagination and let your inner child come out to play.

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If you’re seeking a little extra adventure, go off trail about 30 yards to where the train tracks and tunnel are.  Be very careful around the tracks though, the tunnel and railroad are still active.